19 March 2014

in this twilight
it seeps into
my marrow. i can
feel its darkness
set into my skeleton,
it reconfigures the
bone, my structure.

as the constellations
scrape their dead lights
across the voided
welkin in primordial
trajectories, this
blackness i become.
subsumed in its

totality. rendered
unrecognizable by
that grand usurper.
i, vaporized by the
insatiable ticking
of the second hand,
smirk at its gape.

11 March 2014

now the shadows
speak softly

the night slithers
away. and

it is usually
in these predawn

hours that i
long for the

eternity of
those moments.

it has been years
of restless sleep

for the stirring
of the soul only

yelps and howls
when i nod and

close my eyes.
i have a keen

sense of trouble.
it's wondrous and

exhausting. i can
feel it all crumbling

deep down in my
darkness. it touches

my liquefying mind.
it spills out and

seeps through the
floor boards

eons before you wake.
when you greet me

in the morning you
are, in all actuality,

greeting someone else.
a stranger